Tax Preparation – Serving Dallas / Ft Worth Metroplex and the Surrounding Counties


Crescere understands that this is your tax return and you should participate in the preparation of your return.  What we mean is simply, your tax return is not a secret.  You should be able to ask questions about why your tax return is the way it is.  We believe in the interview process where we ask you questions and you answer and you can ask us questions and we answer.  You should participate in the review of your tax return before filing in order for you to understand why you have a refund or why you owe tax.  All tax returns are completed during your appointment and you will walk out with your tax return in hand.

Types of tax returns we prepare:

  • Individual Returns (including crypto and small businesses)
  • Business Returns
  • Payroll Forms at the federal level
  • Sales Tax Forms
  • State Returns

Why is Crescere a better choice?

  1. 28+ years of total experience.
  2. Personal service by appointment / no walk-ins.
  3. Personal service via drop-off / email if you can’t make it in to see us.
  4. The tax staff are Enrolled Agents or Registered Return Tax Practitioners.
  5. Member in good standing with the NATP, NAEA and the BBB.


Questions your tax practitioner should be able to answer: 

Are you certified or registered with the IRS? Starting in 2012, the IRS will require that all tax service providers meet certain minimum standards in order to provide tax practitioner services.  The 3 levels will be:

  • Registered Tax Practitioner (RTRP)
  • Enrolled Agent (EA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
How long have you or your business been doing taxes? 20+ years of combined experience.
Will you provide references? Yes, you can check us out on the BBB or on Angie’s List if you are a member.
Education level? All of our associates are degreed professionals.
Can I contact you anytime? Yes (within reason of course).  We take calls almost every day of the year.
Hidden costs? None.  Crescere does not provide bank products like other tax services where additional fees are typically added.  We do not have other erroneous fees like “service fee” or “technology fee” or “e-file fee.”
Do you offer a guarantee on your work? If the real question is, “do we pay your tax and penalty if there is an error?” the answer is no.  If we make an error on your return through no fault of your own, we will correct the return for free (a 1040X).  If there are any penalties or interest due because of the error, we will file Form 832 with the IRS explaining that you are not the cause of the improper or incomplete filing and that the penalty and interest should be waived.  It is our option to offer or not to offer any additional remediation.
Do you post your pricing? Yes we do!

Pricing Structure for Tax Year 2022

Individual Returns

1040 from $256+ (average return cost for TY 2021 was approximately $365)
State Returns $75 to $105, based on complexity of the state
Extensions $25

Business Returns

Pricing Levels based on Gross Sales / Receipts / Earnings
$0.00 <$750K <$1.25M <$2M >$2M
1065 Partnership Returns $395  $   595.00  $     645.00  $ 695.00  $ 795.00
1120 C Corporation Returns $395  $   650.00  $     700.00  $ 750.00  $ 800.00
1120S S Corporation Returns $395  $   595.00  $     645.00  $ 695.00  $ 795.00
1041 Trusts $395  $   495.00  $     550.00  $ 600.00  $ 700.00
990 $395  $   450.00  $     550.00  $ 600.00  $ 700.00
State Returns $90

Other Tax Returns

Texas Sales Tax $35
State Unemployment $35
Federal Payroll Tax $35
State Payroll Tax $35