IRS Help

Crescere Group can provide representation services to you if you need help with the IRS. Many people need some assistance when working with the IRS for both good and bad reasons. The IRS can be difficult to work with because they are over-worked themselves and do not have all the resources necessary to provide quick and accurate services to you. On the other hand, maybe you are a taxpayer that has made poor choices concerning the responsibility of paying your taxes timely or have failed to be compliant in your filings and now need help.

The IRS will pursue you through multiple letters and possible visits by revenue offices at your home or work if you fall behind in filing or paying and have failed to respond to their attempts to reach you. The IRS may file levies against you (they have the right to place a lien on non-payment of taxes). Eventually, the IRS may garnish your wages or seize your accounts in order to collect the taxes you owe. You will not win by ignoring the IRS!

We can help you with the IRS!

The IRS’ goal is to bring taxpayers into compliance.

Compliance means:

  1. all paperwork filed appropriately and accurately;
  2. all taxes due are paid;
  3. any and all penalties and interest due are paid;
  4. tax and payroll returns timely filed; and
  5. evidence that you have corrected your past ways of non-paying.

How does Crescere Group help me get right with the IRS?

We will step in for you to figure out what exactly the IRS wants from you, is what the IRS wants correct, have you been given proper credit for what you have paid and filed, and put you on a plan to resolve your issues with the IRS.

This is typically accomplished in the following 4 ways:

  1. Simply get you caught up in filing your returns
  2. Develop a plan to pay the IRS what you owe completely or partially;
  3. Offer in Compromise
  4. Determine if you are uncollectable

There is really no secret sauce here.  What we are doing is becoming the go between you and the IRS to let them know you are trying to resolve your tax issues.  We remove the pressure from you by explaining what is happening and what can be done or has to be done to resolve the problem.  Remember, the IRS wants compliance.  We are helping you get there.

Special Note:There is no magic wand to make your debt go away.  You may have heard ads that state how they got rid of IRS debt for pennies on the $ and there may be 1 such case where that did happen; however, that is rarely the case.  You may not owe what the IRS says you owe for many reasons and our job is to make that determination.  In many cases, filing corrected returns (if prepared incorrectly originally) and requesting a penalty abatement will make a dramatic difference in the amount you owe.

If you do owe the tax because you simply chose not to pay it (regardless of reason) – you owe the tax.  Your options are either a payment plan or offer in compromise.

Steps to Move Forward

If you are ready to address your IRS problems, below is an outline of how we will work with you and the IRS to solve your worry.

  • Contact us
  • Arrange an appointment to discuss the problem
  • If we believe we can help you:
    • We will prepare an engagement letter for service
    • Outline are fees for the service
  • Collect copies of IRS letters and tax returns from you
  • Collect any other pertinent information you may have concerning tax liability
  • Complete a 2848 [Power of Attorney] so we can get transcripts from the IRS and speak on your behalf with the IRS
  • Order transcripts
  • Determine if your case has been assigned to a revenue officer and make contact
  • Inform the IRS of your situation and our plan to address it
  • Work the plan
  • Present the results
  • Agree on the results and plan
  • Submit plan to IRS for consideration
  • Negotiate or resolve
  • Complete

Our Fees:

To pull the POA and converse with the IRS: $1750

Prepare tax returns or other filing returns or corrections:  Fee based on form