Crescere Group [CG] is designed to provide small business owners ($50K – 10m) a single resource for their business needs.

CG has assembled a team of experienced professionals that specialize in accounting, tax, finances, business plans, and coaching. CG believes that a single vendor for the small entrepreneur is the better approach to solve the tasks that take away from your core focus. This unified approach let’s you focus on what counts most—your business.

CG uses a documented and tested approach “Star Model” along with sound business planning techniques to help you identify and correct / improve the challenges your company is facing.

Group Meetings with Entrepreneurs

A peer group is a social group consisting of people who are equal in such respects as age, education or social class. Peer groups are an informal primary group of people who share a similar or equal status and who are usually of roughly the same age, tended to travel around and interact within the social aggregate.

Members of a particularpeer group often have similar interests and backgrounds, bonded by the premise of sameness

Through our peer group meetings, we put entrepreneurs together to discuss the issues that are important to them and let them exchange ideas and solutions with each other. We provide the venue and topic guidelines to start the discussion and let the participants choose the direction to pursue. As an Entrepreneur, you are not alone! Almost all small business operators have the same concerns and questions that their operation deals with daily. Your problems are not unique and there is a business owner like yourself that has successfully dealt with the problem.